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Hygiene & Safety

For a safe, worry-free Stay

We want you to feel comfortable at the Hotel Collegium Leoninum. Right from the start and all around. As a professional host, we take care of your well-being, safety and health. At all times and always in line with prescribed measures as well as our own high standards. The highest level of cleanliness, service and hygiene are a matter of course for us. In all areas, every day. 

Learn more about the hygiene measures in our hotel here. 



Corona rules as of April 3, 2022

After April 2, 2022, almost all corona rules will be dropped by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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Fewer restrictions from 4 March 2022

From 4 March 2022, there will be fewer restrictions in many areas of our house.

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2G and 2G+

Since January 13, 2022, the 2G-Plus rule has applied in parts of our company.

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Measures for your health & safety.

Our current measures for your health and safety at a glance.

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Measure for Safety and Health at Hotel Collegium Leoninum, Bonn

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic

In order to ensure that you, esteemed guests, our residence residents and our employees always feel protected and safe, we implement the following measures in our house: